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AutoScale plugin for Roblox
AutoScale is a simple yet extensive Roblox studio open-source plugin that helps you scale your GUI on all screens.
With over 200,000 installs, the AutoScale plugin family is the most actively maintained, reputable and widely-used tool for helping developers with GUI scaling. 🏆
The best way to scale your GUI is to use Scale unit for Size and Position, as well as adding a UIAspectRatio constraint to maintain height to width ratio. Too tedious? That's where AutoScale comes in!


Not all features listed here are available in all AutoScale variants.
  • Position and Size unit conversion
  • Automation menu to set uiobject property defaults
  • Automatic height width ratio calculation for UIAspectRatio constraints
  • Intelligent scaling that makes scaling decisions for you
  • Dynamic text scaling


Screenshots may depict an outdated version of AutoScale Plus.

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